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If director duos exist (Coen brothers, Ilf and Petrov, Kadár-Klos), why couldn’t there be a director trio? In this case, the director trio (Pavol Pekarčík, Ivan Ostrochovský, Peter Kerekes) guarantees the topical professionalism in Ivan Ostrochovský, the military academy graduate at the “weapons systems technician” division, in Pavol Pekarčík, the experienced director and cinematographer in extreme natural conditions and last, but not least, Peter Kerekes, as the cook, driver, director and the producer of this project.

Each one of us wanted to shoot a film about something else (in fact, everybody shoots a film about one’s self). Pavol’s intention was to shoot a film about people, who tried to fight the communistic regime during normalization in Czechoslovakia. Their attempts didn’t come to action, they were only desperate cries of lonesome heroes in the midst of a grey crowd. Peter was interested in the historical context, how the former “terrorists” live nowadays. For what it is worth to fight In the contemporary society. What the relationships with former pursuers are, what their rats are up to. And Ivan wanted to make a film about love.